What information is required to be placed on the ATM?


Three items must be on or displayed on-screen at every ATM.

  • Operational and suspicious activity notification - This notification is for the customer informing them who is operating the terminal and a phone # to get in touch with them in case of problems.
  • Network Stickers - The ATM should display each network available to the customer in order for the customer to see if their card(s) will work at the ATM.
  • Fee Notice in certain states (Massachusetts, Wyoming, Vermont, and USVI)
    - This notification is required to be displayed on the monitor indicating the surcharge fee for surchargeable transactions. *The Financial Institution (FI) who issued the card may also charge a fee if the ATM is outside of their branded terminals. The ATM company has no control over the fee assessed by the FI.*

Heavy fines have been imposed by the networks and lawsuits have been reported to have been initiated by customers claiming violation of rights under Federal Regulation E. National ATM Systems has a 100% compliance policy at our terminals.


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