ATM Communications


ATM Machine communications can be accomplished using a variety of different methods.

Internet – The most popular form of communication for ATMs. This is the least expensive and most effective for the business owner who has internet in their establishment. This is generally accomplished using CAT5e or CAT6 cable. The cost is limited to the cable that will need to be installed. Since the communication is piggybacking off of the internet service already available, there are no monthly costs. If It is not feasible to use cable due to constraints at the establishment, a WiFi router can be placed on ATM machine in order for it to communicate with the internet.

Wireless – ATMs can communicate via a wireless device attached to the ATM. The ATM will communicate through this wireless device to a cell phone tower. By adding this wireless device, this will create a wireless ATM machine that can be moved without regard to an internet connection. As long as you can get power and mobile phone reception, you can process ATM transactions.

Dial-up (Standard Telephone Line) – Some older ATM models cannot be connected directly to the internet and may be connected to a standard telephone line. This should be a dedicated line to prevent interruptions with other devices. The ATM will dial a toll free # to prevent any long distance charges.

Telephone to IP Adapter – This device allows some older ATMs to communicate via the internet. This is favorable to using a standard phone line as it costs less than having to pay for a dedicated standard phone line.

National ATM Systems is your communication expert and can install your ATM on any communication protocol.