Casino ATMs

ATMs are the lifeblood of casinos. Casinos need cash in order for customers to play the games. Casino ATMs must be operating at all times. The casino may have a simple ATM or more complex machine that performs redemption of winnings and bill breaking.

As cash only businesses, Casino customers must have cash available to them at all times. In order to provide this cash, there must be working ATMs available in the casino at all times. National ATM System’s high level of customer service ensures that the Casino ATMs are stocked with cash and are processing transactions.

ATMs for Your Casino


Casinos may also want ATM machines with additional functionality including credit cash advance, debit card cash advance, ticket redemption and bill breaking.

Whether you have one or many locations nationwide, National ATM Systems can provide them for you. The following are the options available to a Casino owner for their ATMs:

Turn Key ATM Solution – If you have a location that is likely to have high volume, National ATM Systems will provide you an ATM, load the cash, and maintain the ATM. This solution is least cost and effort by the merchant.

ATM Placement – If you have a high or medium volume location for an ATM and you would like to make more money than the Turn Key ATM Solution, you may want to load the cash yourself. In ATM Placement, National ATM Systems will provide and maintain the ATM. Because there is no upfront cost to purchase the machine, this is an easy way to obtain an ATM for your place of business.

ATM Maintenance – If you have a high or medium volume location for an ATM and want to buy your own ATM but don’t want to perform ATM Maintenance, National ATM Systems will provide this service to you.

ATM Processing Only – If you want to make all the surcharge revenue or you do not qualify for the other options, then the choice would be to buy the ATM and have National ATM Systems provide ATM Processing Only. In this case, you purchase an ATM; perform maintenance and the cash loading. If you own the ATM, supply the cash, and do all the maintenance; then the business will get 100% of the surcharge.