ATM Vault Cash


Need cash for your ATM? No problem. Allow National ATM Systems to manage the required cash for your ATM. We understand the importance of loading your ATM with sufficient cash so the ATM is never empty. An empty machine is a machine not doing transactions. If a customer finds that a machine is not working, they will take their business elsewhere. ATM machines demand a great deal of vault cash to handle their transaction load. We can provide Vault Cash services for your ATM nationwide. There are multiple reasons for you to use our vault cash services:

  • Time – You can focus on what makes your business successful rather than monitoring the ATM to determine when it needs cash, picking up cash at the bank, putting the money in the ATM, balancing your ATM, and handling disputes.
  • Capital – Cash that is not used in the ATM can be redeployed more effectively in other areas of the business.
  • Theft – If the ATM is stolen with your money in it, that money is gone.
  • Trust – If you do your own cash in the ATM, you must have 100% trust in the person putting the money in the ATM machine.
  • Processes – Even if you do trust the person putting the money in the ATM. You must have processes to verify that the ATM and associated bank accounts are balanced so that no money is lost.
  • Bank Scrutiny – With the banking industry becoming more and more risk averse, many businesses cannot have a bank account associated with ATM vault cash.

With our ATM Vault cash service, we provide the forecasting, ordering, cash delivery, cash loading, and any transaction disputes.