Turnkey ATM


Our Turnkey ATM program offers an ATM machine with no upfront cost for businesses with enough volume to justify the cost of the program. National ATM Systems has been providing Turnkey ATMs since 1999. This is a great program for anyone who does not want the upfront cost of an ATM and/or does not want to deal with headaches of ATM ownership.



How the program works:

We provide all the ATM services including ATM placement, ATM Processing, ATM Vault Cash, and ATM Maintenance. Your business only has to provide the space for the ATM, the internet connection, and the power. This approach has the most uptime of any of our services.  By performing all the services, we take responsibility for ensuring that the ATM is operating at all times. Once the ATM is in place, it becomes a money maker for you as you collect a portion of the surcharge.

On-Line ATM Management
Unlike some ATM companies, we believe in transparency. Turnkey ATM customers are encouraged to enroll in our on-line management tool for their ATM(s). The on-line management system is a web based product to showcase the performance of their ATM(s) remotely. Viewing an ATM on-line has become an essential part of having an ATM. Turnkey ATM Placement customers can view their statements to see the money they are making on their ATM.