Mobile ATM Machines / ATM Rentals

Are you looking to rent an ATM machine for your event?

Do you have cash-only vending at your special event?

Are you looking to increase revenue at your indoor or outdoor event?

Do you want to keep your patrons at your event longer?

Entertainment and mobile ATMs


An event patron that has cash in hand is likely to spend more time and money at the event than a customer without cash. Studies have shown that 75% of the money dispensed by the ATM is used at the event.

Instead of paying for an ATM machine rental, National ATM Systems can provide mobile ATMs for your indoor or outdoor event at no cost to you. An alternative to increasing the costs to organize an event, the ATM surcharge can be a source of revenue for the event. We routinely provide ATMs for many large events including concerts, carnivals, festivals, fairs, sporting events, trade shows, conferences, and conventions. The mobile ATM machines can be placed throughout the event in the form of single kiosk, banks of ATMs, and/or mobile trailers. From setup to breakdown of the event, our mobile ATM service is furnished to you as a turnkey solution. We provide everything for the mobile ATM solution including portable ATM machines, wireless connection, cash, processing, technicians, highly visible signage, and receipt paper. The only thing that the event needs to provide is power and a place to put the ATM so the ATMs can be placed almost anywhere.

Our mobile ATM service technicians ensure that each terminal is on-line, dispensing cash, and operating properly. Before the event, we will do a walk through of the placement of the ATMs with the event organizer to ensure that we have the right Mobile ATM solution and are meeting the needs of the event. Throughout the duration of the special event, we monitor the cash, processing, and communications to ensure that the ATMs remain up and running without an interruption of service to your patrons. Our experience and operating procedures ensure continuous ATM service during your busiest weekends when our mobile ATM machines are used the most.