Best ATM Machines to Buy

National ATM Systems sells the full line of new and used ATMs at the lowest prices from the four largest manufacturers of retail ATMs: Nautilus Hyosung, Genmega, Triton, and Hantle. Nautilus Hyosung is the largest manufacturer of retail ATMs for the US market. Hyosung's bestselling ATM Models for the United States retail ATM market is the Halo II. Once the largest retail ATM manufacturer, Triton is the now the second largest manufacturer of retail ATM machines. Triton's primary retail ATM model is the ARGO which is available in 7-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch screens. Genmega is the third largest manufacturer of retail ATMs. Their bestselling model is the G2500. Hantle is the fourth largest manufacturer of retail ATMs. Hantle's bestselling model is the 1700W. The best ATM for you is a matter of opinion and your needs. Each ATM model has its strengths, weaknesses, and price point.

Fully functioning new ATMs start at little over $2000. New ATMs will generally come with a 1-year warranty.  All new ATMs will be compliant with all current standards such as EMV.  Some ATM companies will try to sell you a shell ATM for less than $2000 to get the sale. These ATMs require that you already own a dispenser that works in that ATM shell. All our start at prices for our ATMs are for fully functioning ATMs with a removable cassette.  If you choose the fixed cassette option, the price of your machine will be less than the start at price. The cheapest ATM models are usually the bestselling models. These ATM models are reliable and work for most businesses. The base price of each ATM model will increase as you get a more financial institution looking ATM with additional functions such as larger screens, more heavy-duty safes, and deposit functionality. Typical options that will increase the price of the ATM include ATM toppers (to improve visibility), size of the dispenser, and the type of lock.

If you would like a fully functioning machine but would like to spend less than $2000, you may consider buying a used ATM. We only sell used ATM machines that are fully compliant with all current ATM standards including EMV and ADA. Before we sell a used ATM, we test and repair any broken parts on the machine. Our used ATMs come with a 30-day warranty.  These used ATM machines begin at about $1000 for the cheapest ATM models.  The price increases for newer models.  Also, the price increases when you add the same options that increase the price on the new ATMs such as larger dispenser and more high security locks. Our bestselling used ATM is the Hyosung 2700CE.  This machine has many components on it that are similar to the current models that Hyosung produces.

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