ATM Processing

If you would like ATM processing setup on your ATM, National ATM Systems can do this for you. 

National ATM Systems is a registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) that is licensed to perform ATM transaction processing with all major ATM networks including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Cirrus, Plus, Star, NYCE, UnionPay, Quest, Accel, Shazam, Armed Forces Network, and CULIANCE. We are able to process 99.9% of debit and credit card transactions including national, international, regional and local networks including EBT cards. The processing is performed using the ATM processor Columbus Data Services. We can set up processing for ATM machines from all major manufacturers including: Hyosung, Triton, GenMega, Hantle, Tranax, NCR, Diebold, and many others. Your customers will have the ability to perform cash withdrawals, balance inquiries and transfers.

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ATM Processing Only

If you need ATM Processing only, you can keep 100% of the surcharge. We can program your new or used ATM to get you up and running quickly. Our company takes pride in our customer service. If you need additional services beyond ATM Processing, National ATM Systems can help you with that as well. We are a full-service ATM provider. Our services include ATM Maintenance, ATM Placement, and ATM Vault Cash

Technical Support

If you need technical support with your ATM processing, we provide free phone support. If you need on-site support, we can send a technician within 24 hours.  

On-Line ATM Management

All customers are encouraged to enroll in our on-line management tool for their ATM(s). The on-line management system is a web based product to showcase the performance of their ATM(s) remotely. Viewing an ATM on-line has become an essential part of having an ATM. The on-line management tool can be used to produce statements, highlight disputes, terminal errors and journals.

Automated Notifications

Your business can be setup to get email notifications for low cash, terminal inactivity and error codes. The low cash notification can be set up to send an email when vault cash in the ATM reaches a threshold that indicates the ATM needs to be filled with more cash. The terminal inactivity can be set so that if the ATM has not processed in a set amount of time, it will email the business. The error codes can be sent to a specified email whenever the ATM recognizes an error condition.


National ATM Systems is sponsored by Metabank. Metabank is the largest ATM sponsor in the United States. Each ATM processing with National ATM is installed with compliance decals. These decals must display two things, 1) Operational and suspicious activity notification. This notification is for the customer informing them who is operating the terminal and a phone number in case of problems and, 2) Network Logos. The ATM should display each network available to the customer in order for the customer to see if their card(s) can be used at the ATM.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute department takes calls from customers who believe they did not receive the correct amount of money from the ATM. We review these disputes to determine whether the online journal indicates that they did or did not receive the money. We work with the business owner to help them resolve this process and avoid a Reg E claim.

The name comes from the Federal Regulation E that governs ATM transactions. If a customer does not receive the requested amount from the transaction, he/she will file a Regulation E claim with their financial institution. Once filed, the claim is sent to the ATM vault cash owner via email. The vault cash owner must provide to the networks, within the allotted time (typically ten days), the journal tape showing the transaction. Failure to provide sufficient documentation in the allotted time will result in full refund, plus surcharge, to the customer. The networks also tack on an additional fee to resolve this complaint.

We would like to be your ATM processing company.