Error Code 42




1. Inspect the dispenser to make sure all belts are on track and in good physical condition. Place all belts on their rollers and gears. If a belt displays excessive wear or damage, you may be able to replace it. Otherwise, replace the dispenser.

2. Verify that the DC voltages to the dispenser are correct. Replace the power supply or dispenser DC power if either is defective.

3. Examine the timing wheel for physical defect. Make sure the electrical connections to the timing wheel sensor are secure and the time wheel sensor is clean. Replace the timing wheel or the timing wheel sensors if they are defective. Otherwise, it may be necessary to replace the dispenser.

4. Power down the ATM in the proper sequence. From the Main Menu screen, select System Parameters (5) followed by Shut Down the Terminal (4). When the indication that it is safe to turn off the terminal is displayed on the screen push the Power ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. After about ten seconds, push the Power ON/OFF switch to the ON position to start the terminal.

5. Clear all errors and test the dispenser by completing several TEST DISPENSES. If the status clears and the return code is normal, place the ATM in service. If these actions have no effect, replace the dispenser.

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