Error Code 319




1. Check the cassettes. Make sure they are not overfilled. The recommended capacity is 1850 documents. Make sure the documents are in fit condition.

2. Open all access panels and remove any jammed documents from the transport path.

3. Inspect the note feeders and note qualifier for damage.

4. Power down the ATM in the proper sequence. From the Main Menu screen, select System Parameters (5) followed by Shut Down the Terminal (4). When the indication that it is safe to turn off the terminal is displayed on the screen push the Power ON/OFF switch to the OFF position. After about ten seconds, push the Power ON/OFF switch to the ON position to start the terminal.

5. Reset the error. Complete several test dispenses. If the test dispenses are normal and the error does not show again, the ATM may be returned to service. If the error recurs, change the not feeder for the affected channel.


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