Systech Box IPG/8100, 1 Port - Wireless/Cellular Ready - IP ONLY

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Product Details

Systech Dial-to-Cellular converters are the perfect solution for environmental control, building management, data logging, energy monitoring systems, digital signs, security or any data collection and control system. Our products simply and efficiently re-route data transfers via cellular networks instead of dial up telephone lines. Systems with built-in modems plug directly into the unit’s RJ-11 phone jack. The IPG/8000 converter changes the dial stream to IP and formats it for the IP host.

Units can be located conveniently, as no Ethernet wiring is needed. Monthly recurring costs for phone lines may be eliminated in favor of a low cost cellular Internet connection. Costs per transaction may be lowered. Previous invest-ments in credit and debit terminals may be maintained.

Systech Internet Gateways are secure because they use the latest accepted standards for SSL encryption. No changes are required to your existing POS terminals or applications.