ATM Communications

Dial-up (Standard Telephone Line) - All retail ATM models can be connected to a standard telephone line. This should be a dedicated line to prevent interruptions with other devices. The ATM will dial a toll free # to prevent any long distance charges.

Internet – Becoming the most popular form of communication for the new ATMs. For the business owner who has internet in their establishment. The cost is limited to the communication (Cat 5E) cable that will need to be installed. There are no additional costs and the speed of the communication process is dramatically improved. The overall transaction time is reduced to less than 10 seconds.

Dynamic IP Protocol – considered to be a plug – play protocol and is most often used when using the internet communication protocol.

Static IP Protocol – uses a specific IP address for the ATM.

Telephone to IP Adapter – This device allows the retail ATM Communicate via the internet when not specifically designed for the internet.

Wireless – A wireless device is attached to the ATM. The ATM will communicate via Verizon cell tower. This is less expensive than the telephone line.

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